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Soo Line Historical and Technical Society

About the Soo Line and SLHTS

OUR GOAL is to preserve the long rich history of the Soo Line, along with that of related roads like the original Wisconsin Central, the Duluth South Shore & Atlantic, Wisconsin & Northern and many others which became part of the Soo. We also cover selected aspects of contemporary operations, including U.S. operations of the Canadian Pacific and the Wisconsin Central Division of the Canadian National.

As part of our commitment to this goal, we created an Archives Committee in 1985. Since then, we have saved and proceeded numerous photos, historical documents, railroadiana and other materials. We have purchased a building in Appleton, Wisconsin for our archives and office. The Society has also been instrumental in saving and restoring some historic buildings, motive power and cars. All donations and contributions to the SLHTS are tax deductible.

As a member of the Society, you and your family will enjoy the fun and fellowship of our annual conventions. It�s a great chance to make new friends, tour railroad related facilities, attend clinics, participate in in slide and video shows, a railroadiana auction, model and photo roundtables and a banquet. Other exciting events await you as well!!!!

What does "SOO" stand for?

It isn't an initialization such as ATSF or SP, but rather is a phonetic spelling of "Sault," for Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, the original eastern terminus of the Minneapolis, Sault Ste. Marie & Atlantic Railway line eastward from Minneapolis. Since "the Soo Line" is a nickname like "the Hoosier Line" or "Katy," only the "S" should be capitalized. That is, it's "Soo Line," never "SOO Line."

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“What the Archives can do for you”

The SLH&TS building is located at
2124 n. Locust Street
Appleton Wisconsin, 54914

The Archives can be found open most Mondays and Tuesdays 9am-3pm.
Please call ahead if you are planning a visit.

Archives committee
Joseph Lallensack
David Leider
Emory Lubke
Stuart Nelson
Ken Soroos
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How do I find information on the contemporary Soo Line?
Check out Soo Line and Canadian Pacific Facebook sites. Search for "Soo Line".

How do I find information on the Wisconsin Central Limited (1987-2001)?
Facebook site like Soo line Historical & Technical Society, Wisconsin Central LTD Railroad, Wisconsin Central Div. and many more.

How do I find information on modeling the Soo Line?
Most issues of "the SOO" magazine have a column on Soo Line or Wisconsin Central Modeling.
Facebook sites like Soo Line Models in Action and many more

How do I find information on modeling the Wisconsin Central?
Most issues of "the SOO" magazine have a column on Soo Line or Wisconsin Central Modeling.
Facebook site like Wisconsin Central Models in Action.

How do I place an ad in the Transfer Table in the SOO magazine?
Transfer Table ads are free to society members. For non-members, first 25 words $1.00, each additional word 5�. Name and address free. Copy deadlines are the first days of January (Spring), April (Summer), July (Fall) and October (Winter). The Advertising Manager reserves the right to edit all copy submitted and to refuse ads deemed not in the best interest of the society. Submit only printed or typed copy. Send copy along with full remittance (check or money order only, do not mail cash) to Advertising Manager, the SOO, 3544 LaSalle St., Racine, WI 53402. How do I submit a question to Questions and Answers in the SOO magazine? Please keep your questions and answers as brief as possible and address them to Questions & Answers, c/o Ken Soroos, 2761 Raritan Rd., Madison, WI 53711.

How can I conduct genealogical research?
The SLHTS regrets it cannot provide Soo Line employee records. Please contact Canadian Pacific Railway.

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